Sunday, February 25, 2018

That's never been the case: Queen Elizabeth II visits London Fashion Week

At age 91, Queen Elizabeth II is still in for a surprise ... So the head of the British Royal House visited London Fashion Week yesterday - for the first time in her life!

As always dressed in a stylish style - in a delicate blue costume - she followed the show of British designer Richard Quinn in the front row. Next to her sat the "Queen of Fashion" - Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of US Vogue. The pictures of the two are now going around the world.

The Queen seemed rather 'amused' by the designs of Richard Quinn, who sent his models across the catwalk in bright, long flower dresses with motorcycle helmets, but also in leather dresses and fishnet stockings.

But that was not the only honor that came to fashion designer Quinn. After the show, the Queen personally presented the "Elizabeth II Fashion Award", which will be awarded each year in the future, a new up-and-coming talent in the British fashion industry.

When she presented the award, the Queen said about the industry: "From the Tweed from the Hebrides to the Nottingham Peak, and of course Carnaby Street, our fashion industry has been renowned for great craftsmanship for many years, and continues to provide world-class textiles and innovative and practical design. "

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adele: that's why she's so popular

But why does the Hello song performer have such global success ? Even if the reasons are not lacking, from her golden voice to her heady tubes and the emotion she manages to put on stage, the main interested party has her own answer to the question. Spectacular and glamorous on the cover of the latest issue of Time , Adele has indeed explained the reasons for its success. According to the "new Amy Winehouse", it is because she is " not shy", "not afraid" to post that she is "vulnerable" that her fans would recognize themselves as much in their idol.

Even if Angelo's mother does not know why she is so successful, as she explained to the famous American magazine, the singer would still think that her fragility would not be for nothing in this international glory. One who will sing on Kate Middleton's birthday has detailed that " when you see that someone feels as bad as you (...) it makes you feel better" . The 27-year-old British artist used to talking about his problems in his texts would appear like everyone else, battling with everyday worries. A "normality" that would please admirers of Adele.

However, the Londoner who enjoys Beyoncé's music has no accuracy in her success. The recipe, if she knew, the one whose album 25 was released last November put the " box" and "sell like this, everyone" . A generosity that must also participate in its celebrity!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Beyonce's New Super Short Hair Is Giving Us Major Solange Vibes

It was just weeks ago that Beyoncé seemed to take down short hair for good with a single Instagram shoot that showed off a cascading style. (She's a trend-setter like that.) But the beauty chameleon has changed up her style once again, and poof! Those Rapunzel-length locks are gone.
Image result for Beyonce
In place of her thigh-grazing strands, Queen Bey is rocking a new, short hairstyle that's not like any other look we've seen on the superstar mom. Here's a look at the Lemonade singer's latest look, with a private yacht and a gorgeous skyline thrown in for extra pizzazz.

Well, now we're just confused. Does Beyoncé look better with long hair, or short hair? Or is that really just an impossible question? While we mull, we must say that Bey's current look reminds us so much of her sister Solange, who tends to rock her hair a bit shorter and curlier than her superstar sibling.

And since Selena Gomez also just pulled a hair switcharoo, we'll be on high alert for other last-minute hair changes in 2017. Maybe it's not so much short hair, but short-lived hairstyles, that will be hot next year!