Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Korean Stars Are Always So Fashionable

Korean star appearance that always look perfect and attract a lot of people interested. Starting from the Wonder Girls to SNSD, they always look perfect appearance both outside and on the stage. Not only amaze fans through the action of the music, the style of K-pop star is also starting to become an inspiration. How to if you want to look like them? Here are some ways you can know how to style Korea and choose a few options of custom that you like :


Wear a unique and simple tops with interesting pictures. Color is an important element to attract attention. The bright pastel colors to impress cute or bright bold colors can be used according to taste.

Often not enough to make a one-piece tops perfect appearance. Short top above the stomach combined with depth tanktop tanktop or loose with depth in the inner layers are often used. Not to stop there, for the day-to-day performance, lightweight cardigans or jackets are unique to the last layer combinations Korean star style tops.


The Korean star did not hesitate to show their smooth thighs. Mini to be one of the key words in their appearance. Either super mini shorts or mini skirts are beautiful. If you must use the pants, make sure the pants are tight enough in the body. Of course because the average Korean star is so slim tights better than jeans and leather materials make their appearance more perfect. Colorful leggings are also a fashion item that is commonly used to complement the loose tops.


From our subordinates do not just jump into the shoes. In the middle of it there is still an important element of the stockings or knee-length socks. Remember, usually the colors used are bright colors that attract attention. The colors used also in tune with the accessories worn.


Korean star never play in choosing shoes. Boots is one shoe that is commonly used by them, usually the knee-high boots. About the color of the stars are at their maximum is never in doubt. Bright colors and print motifs often their choice. For beautiful shoes, or strappy strappy model choice is almost always a mainstay.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

These Six Facts About Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the voice of the present generation. Her electro-pop music with unconventional lyrics and wild sense of fashion, eye catching stage presence makes her a rocking performer of the time. Every party is incomplete without a Katy Perry dance number. Here are 6 fun facts about Katy Perry that you would love to know.

1. Fashinonesta

Katy Perry has an amazing stage presence; her outrageously amazing style of dressing and stage costumes add glitz and glimmer to the live performances. Whether it is a florescent green at a kid's event or a movie reel dress with bubble gum hair do, the rainbow look defines her persona.

2. The scorpion girl

Many of you may not know, but Katy Perry represents her astrology sign, Scorpio perfectly. She is intense with a husky voice, gorgeous and magnetically sexy. What you get from Perry is a shell-shock effect. Every performance is filled with surprise and electricity.

3. The Madonna influence

Madonna has an iconic influence on Katy Perry. Her musical performance and defining stage appearance with use of colors and images in the song, makes the music video a visually appealing experience. Madonna has always been her true inspiration.

4. The Feline affection

Little do the fans know that Katy Perry's love for cats is not just evident in her name and her appearance, but it also translates to her new fragrance product – Purr. The pretty purple bottle in the shape of a cat drew is an inspiration from her cat woman stage costume.

5. Jesus Tattoo

Katy Perry's Jesus tattoo is her oldest body art. The tattoo marks her traditional and religious background as a child. The singer, who now epitomizes flamboyance, once started out as gospel singer and was raised with gospel songs. Although, now she is a raging music icon, the tattoo helps her remain rooted and reminds her of the initial phase of her career.

6. The lucky cat mascot

Katy Perry's cat's name is created as a pun name after the singer's stage name- Kitty Purry. The cat makes an appearance in some of her music videos which includes her popular song –"I kissed a girl."

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Latest News About The Top Famous Super Junior

I believe that there are millions of people love Super Junior very much, including the young people and the adult people, they make all the people especially the young girls be crazy about thwm. All the memebers are quite handsome and young. Super Junior’s Kangin will be making his comeback through the Japanese version musical of Goong.

According to an insider in the musical industry who spoke with enews recently, “Kangin has been cast as the lead and will appear on stage on September 1 at Tokyo’s U-Port Hall when the musical Goong will premiere.” The comeback will mark Kangin’s return to the entertainment world since 2009 when he temporarily withdrew from his activities due to a series of incidents.

In the drama and musical, Lee Shin is the crown prince who possesses good looks and intellect and is a bit prickly on the outside but holds a warm heart inside. There is a certain amount of expectation for Kangin who received praise for his acting in Attack on the Pin-Up Boys.

In 2009, after a series of incidents, Kangin temporarily halted his activities with Super Junior and enlisted in the army in July in 2010 before being discharged this April.
Regarding Kangin’s casting, Group Eight, the production company behind the musical Goong, remained mum telling enews, “Nothing has been decided yet,” while SM Entertainment said, “It is true that has received many offers from musical productions.”