Thursday, December 10, 2015

CL Previews Mesmerizing W Korea Feature

2NE1 leader and solo artist CL (Chaerin Lee) once again graced the pages of fashion magazine W Korea, and she gave a sneak peek of the exquisite spread on Instagram.

CL uploaded a photo taken from the goth-inspired shoot where she is wearing a black netted veil, a black lace dress and a necklace of layered pearls. But what made the look so captivating was her eye makeup in black and rose colors, which contrasted with her long gray hair.

Fan reactions to the preview photo were mostly positive, with many praising CL's beauty.

"You look like a lady," "What a beautiful smile," "So pretty," said online commenters upon seeing the W Korea photo.

CL and the rest of 2NE1 reunited on stage as a foursome last weekend at the MAMA 2015, but YG Entertainment has clarified that there are so far no plans for a group comeback.

While the group continues its extended break, CL has been concentrating on her solo career. On Dec. 7, she released "Hello Bitches" through Korean music sites following the single's release in the U.S. last month for free via SoundCloud.

"Hello Bitches," has gained positive feedback not only from fans but also from other international artists, such as Justin Bieber "this is dope" with his 71 million Twitter followers after seeing the track's hard-hitting dance performance video

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun Says Girlfriend's Yuju Walks 'Weird'

Group CNBLUE's member Lee Jong Hyun poked some fun at Girlfriend's Yuju in the recent airing of KBS2's "Our Neighborhood Arts And Sports" on November 10.
On this week's episode, the martial arts team went on their third competition.

But prior to the competition, the members spent some time to play against female guests. The coach advised the team that in order to run away from an offender, a confident walk is important.

To show a demonstration, Yuju and Lee were chosen. Lee acted out as an offender while Yuju tried to walk confidently as she was advised to do. But Lee seemed shocked at her walk.

"It wasn't that she seemed confident that I stopped but because her walk is weird," said Lee, bringing laughter to the studio.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rain Sets Up Dual Strategy With H Entertainment To Support Separate Acting And Singing Careers

Singer-actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) has set up a dual strategy with CREATE and another agency known as "H" Entertainment.
With his exclusive two-year contract with CUBE Entertainment coming to an end, the Hallyu star initially announced plans to start his own one-man agency, CREATE, in order to facilitate his future projects in the entertainment industry. Soon after, conflicting reports stated that Rain had signed a contract with H Entertainment, leaving many fans scratching their heads.

On Oct. 3, however, a representative for the K-pop singer-turned-Hollywood star clarified Rain's plans post-CUBE.

The star will set up his one-man agency CREATE as planned, but that company will exclusively serve his interests in the music industry. H Entertainment, on the other hand, will focus on boosting his acting career, but in South Korea and abroad.

Rain's one-man agency, will be handled by his longtime manager, who has been working alongside the singer since his early days at JYP Entertainment in 2002. He will be in charge of handling all of Rain's music promotions and performance related activities.

Alternatively, the CEO of H Entertainment has reportedly managed many Korean actors and will work with Rain to secure television and movie projects.

Many fans are supporting Rain and wishes him good luck.

"Rain! My best wishes to you! I honestly think RAIN will be a success," wrote Vatashi, in the comments section of an article on Allkpop about the plans.

"Too smart, I wish you much success in all aspects of his life," wrote Suflitta.

At the moment, Rain is appearing in the Chinese drama Diamond Lover where he plays the CEO of a large diamond company. The drama also stars Chinese actress Tiffany Tang.